Senior Forum Newsletter

Written, designed, printed and distributed by volunteers, Senior Forum is our bimonthly print newsletter that highlights information and activities of interest to LGBTQI+ older adults.

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Printed copies of the current issue can be picked up at:
Antigone Books, 411 N. 4th Ave., Tucson, Arizona
and most Pima County libraries.

Senior Forum is printed in-house by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF). We thank them!

S E N I O R  F O R U M  I S S U E S
  • January-February 2022
    Stonewall Foundation Fund – Health & Wellbeing Nutrition – Elder Support Discussion Group – Community Profile: Sandy Davenport – Healthy-ish Cookies – Coming Events
  • November-December 2021
    Health and Wellbeing Focus – Pam Witting & Committee – Update on Aging Successfully Needs Assessment – Community Profile: Sandra Nathan – Coming Events
  • September-October 2021
    LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund – Alliance Fund Profiles: Kent Burbank & Andrés Cano – Community Cares Program – Community Profile: Bruce Hyland – Coming Events
  • July-August 2021
    Belonging and Equity – New Volunteer Coordinator – Community Profile: Dr. Deanna Lewis – Coming Events
  • May-June 2021
    LGBTQI+ Senior Housing – Scam Protection – Richard May – “Romp Into the Past” Now on YouTube
  • March-April 2021
    Fight for Our Rights Agenda –
    Luis Ortega – John Birdsall
  • January-February 2021
    New Year Fresh Start – Lupe Castillo
  • November-December 2020
    COVID Survey – Honoring a Life – Community Cares – Carlos Valenzuela
  • September-October 2020
    New Ways to Serve – Community Cares Survey – Josefina Ahumada
  • July-August 2020
    Pride is a Protest – Claire Ellington – Larry Kramer In Memoriam