Giving of Yourself is an Investment in All of Us

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s a question we heard so often as kids. But while most of us are at a stage in life where dreams of being a ballet dancer or astronaut have faded, we still want to become, to learn, grow, and belong … to BE.

It’s never too late to be more of who we aspire to be, to be something new, someone better. Southern Arizona Senior Pride is here to help you in your quest to be your best self.

Senior Pride is grateful for the hard work and heartfelt dedication of Lee Crosby and Gretchen Field, co-coordinators of the Community Cares Program.

We all want to be more resilient, compassionate, and supportive. Together we are doing just that. Take a look at Senior Pride’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic! Our grief groups, speaker series, Community Cares Program, storytelling workshops, and End of Life Planning program are not just surviving, but flourishing, reaching more people than ever. We even helped community members with little or no computer experience go online so that they can stay connected during these difficult times.

Most of us want to be more open-hearted and generous – and there’s nowhere your generosity is more needed and appreciated than Southern Arizona Senior Pride. Whether you give online, send a check, make a legacy gift, volunteer your time, encourage friends to join us, or do several of these things, we need you, and we are grateful for you. Thanks for making a year-end gift to Senior Pride today.
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