June 1, 2021

Dear Friends of Senior Pride,

What is yours? We all have a coming-of-age story. Coming into our own, figuring out exactly who we are, settling comfortably into our own skin. Growing up! It’s a crucial process that empowers us to successfully navigate our life’s mission. Like you, the two of us are well into that voyage – and so is Southern Arizona Senior Pride.

Together we are witnessing the growth and evolution of Senior Pride. And we are seeing, first hand, its impressive coming of age. What a thrill!

In its fight to end the isolation so common in the lives of older LGBTQI+ adults, Senior Pride can claim a steady trajectory of accomplishments, but not without hurdles. Founded over 20 years ago, Senior Pride was a program of Wingspan, Tucson’s former LGBT center. Many of Wingspan’s programs ceased when it folded in 2014, but Senior Pride continued. The vital need for our mission to celebrate, support, and unite LGBTQI+ older adults remains constant – and our organization is growing in skill, insight, resources, strategy, and commitment to meet this need.

As Senior Pride comes of age in so many ways, we need you to help us sustain our growth.

The COVID crisis presented another hurdle for Senior Pride, but as soon as the quarantine began, we transitioned key programs to an online platform and guided seniors to use new technology. We earned grants to create the Connect Now! Program, which provides those in need with computer tablets and internet access, essential tools for connecting with community in today’s world. We launched a weekly e-news to make sure we could keep everyone informed of our many program opportunities. We even held a Holiday Party on Zoom. And, did we mention that we launched our own YouTube Channel and a brand new website?!

Despite the COVID crisis, Senior Pride has thrived with an astonishing number of programs and services celebrating, supporting, and uniting our community. And finally, perhaps the biggest news of all: Senior Pride has applied to the IRS to become an independent 501(c)3 organization – our own nonprofit serving our own community of older LGBTQI+ adults right here in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We hope to receive our status within the next six months. Senior Pride really is coming of age.

All of this is only possible with your continued support. Together we have helped Senior Pride come of age, together we can see it far into the future.

Please make your gift today, and be as generous as you can. Working together, we can continue to make Senior Pride the mature, effective, responsive, and long-lasting organization we all want and deserve.

With sincere gratitude,

With Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) serving as Southern Arizona Senior Pride’s fiscal sponsor, all donations to our organization are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

3   E A S Y   W A Y S   T O   G I V E

Online with your credit card.

By check, through the mail.

Please write your check to SAAF (Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation).
Please write Senior Pride in the memo line of your check and mail to:

Senior Pride c/o SAAF
375 S. Euclid Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

By phone with your credit card.

Call (520) 547-6119.
Tell them your gift is for Senior Pride.

Honoring a Life Workshops

We educate about advance healthcare topics like powers of attorney and living wills, so that we can all live well and end well.

We encourage everyone to document their wishes.

Community Cares Program

We decrease isolation through friendly visits and calls to homebound and isolated members of the community as well as people of any age with disabilities.

2018 Holiday Potluck in Partnership with PFLAG

Website, Newsletter, E-news, Social Media

We are an information hub gathering, vetting, and sharing critical community resources.

Monthly Speaker Series and Book Club

Our programs provide connection and life-long learning as they educate, entertain, and inform about topics specic to our community.

2020-21: Senior Pride events moved to Zoom

Cultural Events

Our events and in-depth workshops explore LGBTQI+ identity, history, culture, and experience as a means of personal empowerment.

2019 Poetry Reading & Memorial for Curt Stubbs

Women’s Grief and Elders’ Support Groups

When the going gets tough, we pull together and support each other with facilitated discussion in a safe environment.