Understanding Loss & Grief workshop - Jan 31, 2020

Understanding Loss and Grief – A Practical Half Day Interactive Workshop

In life, loss and grief are inevitable. Every day we encounter people who are feeling challenged because someone or something they counted on is gone. You want to help, but you wonder what to say or do that would be welcomed, useful and kind. This skill does not come automatically. We must learn it. This half-day interactive class is designed for people from all walks of life who occasionally find themselves in the company of someone in grief — a family member, friend, client, or patient — and want to offer comfort and care. In less than five hours we will convey contemporary information about grief support, as well as teach skills and best practices you will easily remember when the need arises.

JAN 31
8:15am- 1pm

East Lawn Palms Mortuary
5801 E Grant Rd, Tucson
To register: email Marianna Cacciatore

Welcome | Working Definition of Grief — Frank Williams
The Many Losses We Grieve, An Experiential Presentation
Misconceptions About Grief – Carol Miller
What to Expect: How People Respond to Loss – Amber Jacoby
Being There for Someone in Grief — Marianna Cacciatore
Conclusion — Frank Williams