The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund, Queer for GOOD

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund, an initiative of the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, was created 22 years ago to expand funding opportunities and resources for LGBTQ+ organizations in Tucson and rural southern Arizona (Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz counties).

The Alliance Fund connects donors with projects that benefit the LGBTQ community through annual competitive grant rounds and has provided generous support to Southern Arizona Senior Pride for the last six years. To date, the Fund has awarded more than $1 million to local LGBTQ+ initiatives and organizations.

Join us for the Senior Pride Speaker Series on September 14 at 2:00pm when Alliance Leaders Kent Burbank (Board President) and Andrés Cano (Director) provide an insider’s view of the Alliance Fund and its current goals with their presentation: Queer for GOOD: A Conversation with the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund.

For more information, see Bruce Hyland’s profiles of Kent Burbank and Andrés Cano.

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