SASP General Meeting
November 12, 2019

Senior Pride Speakers Series

Our series is open to everyone and always features interesting speakers, opportunities for networking, discussion and Senior Pride updates.

2nd Tuesday of each month (except August), 2-3:30pm
Himmel Park Library
1035 N Treat Ave (off Speedway)
More info: contact Senior Pride

NEXT: NOV 12, 2-3:30pm

Abby Jensen, legal director of the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and attorney with the Pima County Public Defender
US SUPREME COURT: Equality Now or Turning the Clock Back?

“What’s at stake in the Title VII cases before the U.S. Supreme Court? Just some of the most basic protections against discrimination that US workers, and not just LGBTQ workers, have enjoyed for decades! If the defendants win, we could go back to the time when women were fired for not wearing dresses and makeup, and men were fired for not acting ‘manly’ enough. The impact on transgender, nonbinary and other gender nonconforming people will be devastating.” –Abby Jensen

Abby Jensen

Abby Louise Jensen is the legal director of the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and an attorney with the Pima County Public Defender. She studied at the School of Law at UC Berkeley and economics at Stanford University.

DEC 10, 2019
Jeanne Bjorn—Nourishing Nutrition
The Top 10 Best Nutrition Guidelines

As the holidays roll around, there are many temptations for sweet treats. As we prepare for the festivities, it’s time to think ahead to, yes, what’s actually good for us—what’s going to keep us vital and active. Jeanne received her Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition in 2006 from Clayton College of Natural Health – where her thesis work was on Dental Health and Nutrient Dense Foods. »Learn more about Jeanne Bjorn at her website