Community Profile: Richard May

By Bruce Hyland
Photo by Joyce Bolinger

Richard May – Public Health Management (retired)

“I am not my age. I am Richard.” “I am an amalgamation of my own ideas, life experiences and the ideas, experiences of other people who I learned from.”

Richard’s lineage comes from a loving and open, multi-hued “rainbow family.” His grandparents were a multi-racial couple 100 years ago! One of his regrets is not asking them what that was like. He’s interested in genealogy and is learning so much more about his family than he knew as a kid growing up in Indiana. Through the last century his entire family has embraced “difference.”

Years ago, he and his partner came to Tucson to visit a friend. Richard was having trouble getting into nursing programs in Indiana, and by accident or fate, checked into the nursing program at Pima Community College. He went on to be a nurse and finished his career as Division Manager at the Pima County Health Department. He retired in November of 2020 and is now in search of new endeavors.

Now he spends time with his family’s two dogs, Charlotte and Cammie. He’s in a long-term polyamorous family with his two partners…one for 31 years and the other for 20 years. He loves spending time nurturing succulents, being outside, and making jewelry.

“Sure, I’ve experienced difficulties, especially with racism, but it didn’t break me. I have to be strong with my ‘difference'”. He came to realize he didn’t need to fit into any particular box. He didn’t have to follow any standard practice in living his life.

Richard’s message to Senior Pride: Develop mentoring relationships. Share your life experiences to make life better for people. Aging is just a number. Be you. Not a number.

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