Lucie Blue Tremblay singer/songwriter

Lucie Blue Tremblay & Friends at Club Congress

Former Olivia Records women’s music artist, Lucie Blue Tremblay has continued playing live and recording on her own label Maggie & Shanti Music since the 1980s. Lucie is a very personal songwriter, drawing on her life experiences, a desire for world peace and LGBT rights. Sensitive honesty and passion characterize her songwriting. Living life wholeheartedly would be a perfect way to describe this talented artist. Her new album, Counting My Blessings, will leave you moved beyond belief.

FEB 17, 7pm
Club Congress
311 Congress St


Lucie and her wife Pat have completed a journey devoting themselves to a breast cancer education project. Later Lucie Blue became a US resident. Her efforts then included earning both a commercial driver’s license and patient care technician certification and traveling coast to coast across Canada and the U.S performing. This year Lucie became a US Citizen now introducing the very important Citizen Tour with her friends Chelley Seibert and Amelia Mele. In the summer you will find Pat and Lucie in their beautiful home in Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy.