photo of Kevin Maxey and Richard Wegner

Kevin Maxey

By Bruce Hyland
Photo credit: Tomcat Enterprises Photography© James Scott P. Pignatella

Kevin is holing up with his dearly beloved (Richard Wegner) and cooking food and sharing it with a couple other households. They are playing cards, games and working puzzles. He’s anxious, but very grateful to be with his husband through this.

He fears this could become so dire that many physicians might become ill and die. He quickly adds that he fears his husband and their friends could become ill, also.

Kevin divorced himself from “the news” nearly two years ago. It was only when his husband kept telling him about the coronavirus pandemic that he reluctantly began watching and listening again. He felt a responsibility to be informed, being a retired physician.

He’s hopeful when he sees people voluntarily restricting their activities, reaching out to help others, hearing about people organizing things like bear hunts for kids, temporary fostering for pets, and seeing some government agencies responding in unprecedented ways.

His message for Senior Pride: Stay at home. Eat well and get plenty of rest, and also get regular exercise. Focus on the facts from the CDC and avoid rumors and panic. Reach out if you’re feeling lonely. Use the phone. Use your computer if you have one.