University of North Carolina nursing

Essential LGBTQ+ Healthcare Background for Nurses

The LGBTQ+ community is large in the United States, but continues to experience myriad healthcare hurdles. Further, this community faces unique health concerns that heterosexual and cisgender peers do not. This is an even greater issue for older LBGTQ+ adults who need support as they plan for future health, finances, and long-term care. Working in hospitals, patient homes, assisted-living facilities and nursing homes provides nurses with a chance to work directly with aging LGBTQ+ patients. If you are considering or actively pursuing a career in nursing, you are in a unique position to help and affect change. This article, from the University of North Dakota Online Master of Science in Nursing program, discusses the following topics:

• LGBTQ+ Health Disparities
• LGBTQ+ Financial Planning
• Estate Planning Issues for LGBTQ+
• Senior LGBTQ+ Inclusive Housing and Long Term Care
• General Resources for the LGBTQ+ Community

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