Survey Shows Community Cares Program a Huge Success

by Lee Crosby

In June 2020, the Community Cares Program (CCP) participated in a survey being conducted by Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) Neighborhood Care Alliance (NCA).

The purpose of the survey was to assess how all recipients within the NCA catchment area were doing and if, relative to our program, the CCP Volunteer visits and calls were helpful.

The responses from our CCP Recipients were so heartwarming and positive that I would like to highlight several of their comments:

“CCP keeps me in touch with humanity. I don’t feel alone anymore”.

“Having a CCP visitor is great. I am less isolated and clicked with the volunteer. I feel connected to the Community”.

“Yes, it helps so much. Visits/phone calls have taken me from being in a down space. I can laugh again”.

“CCP is very valuable to me, I feel cared about now more than ever”.

Thanks to all CCP Volunteers, the Program is making a great difference in the lives of our Recipients.

Other good news, we have enrolled our 20th Recipient! Please keep sending referrals! Just call 520-351-2724 and we will start the ball rolling.