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Tucson is Nation’s Largest Book Festival: LGBTQ Issues
Arizona Daily Star
February 5, 2017

Tucson's is Nation's Third Largest Book Festival, AZ Daily Star, Feb 5, 2017Tucson’s well attended Tucson Book Festival features panels and presentations on LGBTQ, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (and/or questioning) issues. Among the lineup: Lillian Faderman, internationally known scholar on LGBT and ethnic history and literature, is the author of “The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle,” her authoritative work on the LGBT civil right movement. Southern Arizona Senior Pride is bringing her to the festival. »View newspaper clipping

Topical Threads at the Tucson Festival of Books: LGBTQ Issues
February 3, 2017

More coverage of SASP-sponsored author Lillian Faderman with panelists Jim Obergefell and Amy Ellis Nutt.
»Go to article (then scroll down to “LGBTQ Issues”)

LGBT Seniors Face Issues That Others Don’t by Kathy Allen
Arizona Daily Star
February 7, 2016

A moving account of issues faced by LGBT Seniors considering professional care options. Includes interviews with seniors and SAGE expert and list of resources.”It’s important that we get people trained and understanding us before we need it… When I’m at my most vulnerable is not the time I want to educate someone.” »Read article

‘Reel in the Closet’ to be screened at community forum
Arizona Daily Star
February 2016

“It’s a very moving experience to see the films; it’s an uncovered part of our history. … We only saw people going into paddy wagons; we didn’t see the happiness that was possible.” »Read article

Reel in the Closet
Tucson Weekly
February 2016

Stu Maddux’s film shows rich but hidden private and social lives of LGBT people in past decades through home movies found in people’s closets. »Read article

T Q&A Interview with Kevin Maxey by Mari Herreras
Tucson Weekly
October 11, 2012

Kevin Maxey is a physician who has seen the LGBT community through many changes over the years since he helped start the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance in 1998, and started volunteering with Wingspan around the same time. In January, he saw the documentary Gen Silent, and was so moved by its story—about LGBT elderly and the need for LGBT-friendly care—that he worked with Wingspan Senior Pride (now SASP) to bring the film to Tucson… »Read article